Sustainability Statement

Eating less meat. Turning off the lights. Biking or walking instead of driving.

In the past few decades, society has begun to take many important steps to help reduce energy and conserve
the environment.

As individuals, it’s so important to adopt these practices and do our part in going green. But we all know how
crucial it is for companies and organizations to adopt the same values. Here at Iris Booth, we have thoughtfully
engineered our product to be kind to the planet.

Did you know....

Working From Home

The new decade has seen a massive surge in remote

It levels the playing field, increases productivity,
and most importantly has a significant carbon offset for our

We believe in not using more than we need. This means no
offices, no commuting, no take-out lunches, and no throwaway
coffee cups.

This is why, from coast-to-coast, Iris Booth employees work
from the comfort of their homes. For Earth’s sake.

Working Remotely

“Research shows that remote workers are more
productive. In a two year experiment at a real company,
remote workers did 13% more work in the same amount
of time as their peers.”

Check out this TedTalk by WordPress co-founder MattMullenweg on why working from home is good for business.